The Morning Glory Mansion is a place of  inspiration and hope for
families. The ministry provides a gathering place for youth and
family to build their dreams.

It houses the "think tank" for the  Dream Builder Awards Committee
members as they make decisions concerning the William David
Dilworth Memorial Grant and Musical Instrument Awards.

A recent addition to the Mansion is the Chapel of Hope where
weddings, worship, prayer, and other occasions can be celebrated.

The Mansion is constantly evolving as the dream is becoming a
reality.  A conference center, sound and engineering room, art
gallery, audio visual studios and counseling center are in use.

It is the continuing vision of the Founders, Board of Directors of
MGMII to be Marvelous, Motivated, Mission-Minded Mentoring
Masterpieces-in-Motion (M7) of the  Dream Builder Center striving
to develop the talents of youth as well as the deferred dreams of
parents and grandparents when possible. The Morning Glory
Mansion houses the administrative office and includes an art
gallery, a sound studio, theater, and well as other studios to
develop and showcase the talents and dreams of young people
dreaming the possible dream.

We walk by faith and not by sight.

We are Dream Builders for Family
(C) 2001 Sylvia Dilworth Medley Ministries International Inc. dba Morning Glory Ministries International Inc. All rights reserved.
The Home of Morning
Glory Ministries
Morning Glory Ministries International Inc., founded in 2001 is a
faith-based organization founded on Christian principles. It has
been a lifetime aspiration of Director to help youth develop their
talents and dreams. With the encouragement of and inspiration of
her husband, Rev. Russell E. Medley, Jr. and the Morning Glory
Board of Directors, this benevolent work was begun. Rev. Medley's
vision for the ministry is two-fold:
(1) Since the untimely death of her brother, William David "Boo"
Dilworth, in a car accident at the age of 17, it has been the desire
of Rev. Sylvia Medley to help youth with talent to flourish and
blossom as the Morning Glory flowering vine spreading and
climbing over everything that they touch.

(2) While the ministry is helping youth, it will also be providing much
needed jobs for youth as well as adults of the community. The
Board of Directors have caught the vision of Rev. Medley and strive
with the help of the community to inspire young people to develop
their talents and dreams, whether it be  the Arts -music, drama,
sports,or Technical Skills - Cosmetology, Culinary arts, Computers,
Plumbing, or Call to Ministry.
Morning Glory Ministries International Inc
Dream Builders for Youth
Who We Are
Future Home of Morning Glory
Morning Glory Ministries
Rev. Dr. Sylvia Dilworth Medley,
P.O. Box 4684
Star City, WV  26504
Rev. Dr. Sylvia Medley is  co-pastor of
the Scottsrun Community Church. She
is also the Women, Children and Youth
Pastor of the Scottsrun Community