Morning Glory Ministries International Inc
Alicia Holloway, Past Recipient of
the William David Dilworth Memorial
Grant fo
r Performing Arts

Morning Glory Ministries
Annual Director's Choice Award
The Director's Choice Trophy is
presented to an individual or group
who not only displays exceptional
gifts and talents but exemplifies
humility and servant hood through
faith-based charitable works to their
This year's winners are the Spiritual
Dancers of the Temple of Christ
Church, Fairmont, WV - Evangelist
Phyllis Agnew, Pastor.
Clara Lukomski
Sadaf Nikzad
Richie Layfield,
Children's Missionary to
El Salvador.

Receipient of the
David Dilworth Memorial
Grant  Award for Missions
Christiana  Everetts,
Recipient of
the William David
Dilworth Memorial Grant for
Performing Arts
and is also the
recipient of the
Director's Choice Trophy.
Soraya Nikzad
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WDDM Grant for Performing Arts
Grace Faye, Dream
Builder Musical Instrument
Award Recipient
Pastor Russell Medley, Roger
Jeffries, Sally Miller, Dirk
and Pastor Sylvia Medley
Black Tie Gala 2011
Waterfront Place Hotel
North Elementary choir member, Kiarra
Medley, leads the combined North and Mylan
Light of Mine" at Martin Luther King
Observance at the Metropolitan Theater,
Morgantown, W

William David Dilworth Memorial Grants
Hailey Addison Hall
WDDM Grant Recipent 2017
Past recipients of the William David Dilworth Memorial Grants for:
(Dance, Piano, Drum Lessons, Graduating Seniors, Savings Bonds, and Musical Instruments)
District Elder Phyllis Agnew, Pastor
Twanee Dilworth
Austin Agnew
Richard Layfield
Todd LaToucha
Corinthia Rilko
Christina Everetts
Sampy Hardin
Sofia Pancoast
Kaylee Riffle
Josiah Bassett
Daniel Bassett
Megan Burley
Grace Osborne
Grace Faye
Clara Lumkomski
Devon Neal
Thomas Carter
Maggie Ruckle
Soraya Nikzad
Sadaf Nikzad
Samoya Arnold
Kayla Arnold
Tyre Nelson
Alissa Neal
Anna Neal
Avante Neal
Alicia Holloway
Roger Jefferies
Joseph Goss
Abigal Barnett
Victoria Gifford
Morgan Gifford
Kaitln Gifford
Angelica Everetts
Dirk Hollabaugh
Stacy Jones
Sally Miller
Aalujah Everetts
Erica Mosley
Kiarra Medley
Isobela Cicci
Ailani Medley
Janessa Thomas
Amanda Porter
Nicholas Brown
Jasmine Scott
Lydia Pirner
Frankea Snow
Jeremy Owens
Todd Kisner
Francesca Rollo
Jeremiah Hall
Dion Tolliver
Benjamin Tolliver
Theoophilus Tolliver
Jaden Johnson
Jayre VanRiper
Gabriella Brown
Mario Gilmore
Victoria Jolliff
Rachael Kelley
Breanne Barone
Jack Pirner
Kimberly Moore
Tracy Brooks
Stephanie Bird
Chad Trosak
Jeremy Owens
Koby Brooks
Michelle Grimm
Marc Miller
Jacob Fennel
T'Keyah Singleton
Amber Demodivich
Taylor Stull
Whitney Stull
Alex Mayle
Brian Plum
Sarah Smerdell
Junelle Lewis
Andrew Cook
Justin Yorick
Sonya Murrell
Grandchildren of Annetta Anderson(8)
Maria McFadden
Adriana Brown
Sir William Brown
Gus Brown
Jenna Walsh
T.J. Robinson
Sarah Jones
Donnie Lee
Ashlee Chaney
Shaeena Harwood
Louis Valentine
Cory Reed
Ariel Cress
Jarran Shackley
Donna Moore
Ashton Leftridge
Jeffrey Leftridge
Kazimir Leftridge
Laillee Leftridge
Journey Brown-Saintel
Jacob Izzo
William David "Bo" Dilworth
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Thomas Lee Carter
WDDM Grant  Recipient 2018
Thomas L. Carter, 16 years old, is the grandson of Russell and
Sylvia Medley of Morgantown,West Virginia and the son of the
Thomas L.Carter and the late Sylvia LaShonda Medley-Carter of
Lompoc, California.
Thomas is currently a junior at Morgantown High School,
Morgantown, West Virginia. He has been awarded the William
David Dilworth Memorial Grant for college education.  $500.00
will be invested in his Smart529 WV Direct College Savings
Requirements for the William Dilworth Memorial Grant

. This grant is awarded to a young person in good standing in his
community.  He or she must exhibit academic excellence as well
as display a passion for the arts and/or competitive sports
activities.  The recipient  must have earned a 3:00 GPA for the
current school year.
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